To expand our impact across the UK, we created the In-Residency Coffee Training Programme. This is a national model which first launched in Manchester in 2022, with plans of opening in Birmingham, Dublin and Glasgow by 2025.


We use the power of collaboration, partnering with regional charities, government agencies and commercial enterprises to deliver high quality training, wrap around support and facilitate the return to work for people experiencing homelessness.

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Each Trainee participates in between five to fourteen days of intensive barista training and employability skills workshops with our expert trainers and our support workers. A successful Trainee will then begin their twelve-week placement at one of our partner sites as a barista, or in other catering and hospitality roles, whilst still receiving regular support.
As with our Core Barista Training Programme, after their placement, Trainees are supported with onward employment opportunities, such as submitting job applications, preparing for interviews and their first day at their new job.

Following the training workshops, successful trainees then begin their 12 week placements at one of our partner sites, with employment roles that include barista, catering and hospitality. During this time, trainees receive regular support and weekly check-ins to ensure they are settling in well or if they may have any questions. We also check in with the site teams to offer additional support.

After a successful 12 week programme, Trainees are then supported to secure onward employment. Each trainee will receive support with applications, interview prep, attending interviews and preparing for their first day at their new job!Since launching we have trained 29 people as baristas with 7 successfully moving into job placements and 3 people finding onward employment.