Back to the Future.

Launched in 2015, Change Please was started with one prime objective; to lift people out of homelessness…for good.

We started with one coffee cart in London’s iconic Covent Garden, selling great tasting coffee and giving people experiencing homelessness the skills, experience and opportunity to secure ongoing employment. The model worked and we quickly opened more sites, sold more coffee and helped more people. We are now a significant player in the UK coffee market and as well as running our own coffee shops we also sell coffee, tea and hot chocolate to gyms, airlines, train companies, offices, supermarkets, hospitals and universities.  The secrets to this success? Great tasting coffee and an ongoing commitment to keep 100% of profits in the business, helping more people out of homelessness.

Change Please coffee is already being served in the UK, Ireland, France and Australia and we are so excited to be launching in the United States in 2021. In every territory in which we operate, our mission is the same; to help marginalised and vulnerable people back into work and housing. This is not just finding someone a job, it is working with them, helping with mental health needs, employment skills and building confidence, self-belief and pride. We want long-term, sustainable change, giving people a second shot at life.

With the support of our amazing customers and partners we are changing lives every day. I can’t wait to meet all of our new supporters in the USA who will help us do the same there.