As we move into the process of electing a new Government for the UK, Change Please asks on all of our colleagues, partners, supporters and friends to call on their elected representatives to commit to a demonstrable effort to tackle the UK’s catastrophic homelessness problem.

By almost every measure, in every part of the UK, homelessness has reached record levels and we would expect the next UK Government to ensure this national emergency is treated as such. 

From the availability of safe & affordable housing; access to mental and physical health services as well as nurturing pathways to the acquisition of skills and employment opportunities - we need to support a growing population of individuals experiencing homelessness out of their situation and into new, hopeful beginnings.

That there are hundreds of thousands of households across the UK* experiencing homelessness in the worlds 6th biggest economy is a stain on the country and something, as a society, we must rally around to end. 

We must work together across the public, private and third sector to stop these horrific statistics worsening. We call on our next UK Government to commit to addressing this and aligning us all behind a vision of a UK where no one is experiencing homelessness.

*2024 Homeless Stats = Everything you need to know about homelessness in UK in 2024 (