The Ultimate Iced Coffee

Most of us have been spending a little more time than usual at home of late and this, combined with some rather lovely weather, has had some of our team chilling out and opting for iced coffees. We’ve been loving them so we thought we’d share the joy.

All good iced coffees start with a proper Espresso Freddo, strong, rich and very, very refreshing

You’ll need:

Double espresso or double shot of strong cafetière coffee
Sugar to taste

If you have the equipment at home, make a double espresso using your favourite espresso blend, obviously Change Please Adventurous Espresso is the only one for us. Alternatively make a double strength cafetière coffee, our Tom’s Blend would be perfect. At this point you can add some sugar, even if you don’t take it in hot coffee you might like it in iced drinks, it just makes it feel that bit more like you’re on holiday! The idea is to get it chilling down as quick as possible so pour it into a cocktail shaker, or to be honest a jam jar with a good fitting lid will do, along with a couple of ice cubes. Get the lid on tight and give it a really good shake (over the sink is a good idea). You can feel when it is done as the shaker will be cold.

Put two ice cubes in a glass and pour the chilled coffee gently over the ice, don’t hang around at this stage, the idea is that we want to get the coffee in whilst it is still “agitated”. Then sit back and marvel at your creation, watching as the bubbles rise into a beautiful, thick, chilly crema.

If you prefer milky drinks, prepare your Espresso Freddo as above and simply add some cold milk or for Freddo Cappuccino, froth some cold milk and gently pour it over the espresso. The aim is to get the froth to sit on top of the crema for a moment or two before you stir it in.

Make the most of some of the at home time we are all having and treat yourself. Let us know how you get on.