Christmas Crowdfunder

Gift someone their future this Christmas 

A present that lasts

All year round Change Please works to change the lives of those who have experienced homelessness. We give them back control and agency by helping them onto our training programmes to become baristas. They also receive wrap around life admin with therapy and counselling, help with accommodation and one to one mentoring from our lovely, experienced trainers and staff. We want you to help us make this Christmas a whole lot better for them. All year round.


Your Role in this

Our trainees go on to work in our venues before we help them into onward employment. Clearly the more venues we have the more people we, and you, can help. We are opening more venues around the UK and our Christmas Wish is for help in raising the funds to be able to complete one special Christmas Wish that will last for years.


The Gift that will definitely keep on giving

Cardinal Place on Victoria Street in London will be our newest, biggest, and hopefully most bustling venue. Having the opportunity to be right in the heart of London will not only give us a high profile but this venue, with its high footfall, will help us raise more money to open even more venues. It takes 562 cups of coffee sold to pay for one day of training per trainee, so this venue is very important. This is top of our Christmas Present list, and we need £50,000 to bring the warmth and sparkle back into our trainees’ lives.


Please donate here and share as far and wide as you can. Every one of you who helps us will be a true Father Christmas and will definitely go straight onto the nice list. Every donation gets us nearer to making Christmas as joyous as possible for our trainees. And that is something worth wishing for.


Donate Now! 


Watch this video to find out more information and why we need your help from our lovely Lead Trainer, Jason