For our next bespoke artwork, we looked closer to home this time and discovered a fantastic London based artist-run studio called Bud Studio.

Bud Studio values of working with communities for positive change are very similar to our own.

Our brief to Bud Studio was to create 2 pieces of artwork that would bring to life the idea of Change and Transformation - what Change Please is all about.

Albert Agwa, Director of Bud Studio, focuses on creating connections through artwork. The piece he created represents the Change Please community and how collaborating together creates a positive impact for the world.

The second artwork was a collaboration with Bud Studio to create something authentic for Change Please. This came to life in a beautiful ‘Garden scene', depicting dreamlike characters appearing to help each other grow and transform the garden. This scene represents the Change Please core values of growth, transformation and togetherness, showing how people can make things flourish when they work together.

You’ll see these pieces come to life on some of our packaging and in the flesh, spray painted on some of our carts and in our retail sites! Keep your eyes peeled.