A huge 'Thank You'

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, to everyone who has enabled us to say “Thank You” to the NHS team at NHS Nightingale London 💙

We are not often happy to see a coffee shop close but this was never a normal coffee shop. We have been giving free coffee to staff at NHS Nightingale London for 5 weeks but due to a smaller number of patients than anticipated the hospital has been placed on standby. It is great news that this site is no longer needed but countless NHS staff all over the UK are still working tirelessly treating patients and we still want to support where we can. We are giving away coffee to the staff at Nightingale Dragon’s Heart in Cardiff and are working on opening more sites to support more staff.

A huge thank you to our corporate partners generous funding, brilliant donations of supplies and the amazing baristas from coffee companies all over London; you made this happen. Thanks also to everyone who has donated to our Crowdfunder - your donations have helped keep this going and will continue to be used to provide the NHS with free coffee at other sites across the UK. Thanks to you all. Along with the NHS, you truly are our heroes ☕️💛