As the world faces many challenges, including the severe cost of living crisis, homelessness is becoming more and more a sad reality for many people, families and communities out there. 

Since 2015, we have been fighting homelessness through selling award-winning, great tasting coffee. 

100% of our profits and donations goes into giving people experiencing homelessness, a living wage job as a barista, housing, training, onwards employment opportunities — and a fresh shot at a life. 

Did you know that the 1st of October is International Coffee Day and that the 10th of October every year is World Homelessness Day? These two dates couldn’t be more relevant for Change Please. 

Over the ten days between the 1st and 10th of October, we are looking to drive awareness about what we do, start conversations, get people involved and tasting our coffee, raise donations, and encourage everyone to join our movement. 

As part of the many initiatives we run, we are proud to be launching a new one that you can definitely get involved in! 

We are asking people to join our fundraising social media challenge, a challenge that has been inspired by our new brand identity.  

Our new icon has been inspired by an entire ‘secret’ language of symbols that have been used over hundreds of years between people battling homelessness to help one another out. 

They would leave these symbols chalked or carved outside of buildings to tell others who might follow their similar paths which places they should visit for food, work or other help that can get them through the day, or to look out for or bad areas to avoid. There were even signs to give motivation for those who were struggling… one for telling others to ‘never give up and to persevere’ or the ‘sky’s the limit’. 




Along with a small donation to our cause, we are challenging you to recreate one (or as many as you like!) symbol that we have selected, in any way you like – i.e. drawing, painting, printing, chalking (…even draw it on your arm if it is easier!) - to take a photo or video of the sign and share it on social media mentioning @changeplease with the hashtag #10daysforchange. We ask that you nominate 3 people to recreate their own sign and donate, to spread the word! 

By sharing your creations, you’ll be automatically entered into the draw to win 3 month's worth of Change Please subscription coffee for you and three friends, make sure your profile is in 'public' or DM us your creations privately. Thank you!

Here are some examples of what the Change Please team have done 

Please make sure you visit to see more details on 10 Days for Change and what other activities we have planned for you. There will also be promotions in our cafes in London!